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    • Our research and unbiased display of real facts adhering to three fundamentals of Wikipedia:Neutrality, Notability, Verifiability.
    • If you don’t have a Wiki page, it is like you don’t exist on the internet. We undertake researching,writing and submitting wikis for our subjects, completely un-opinionated and unbiased.
    • Our expert panel will assist you towards taking steps to increase the visibility via Wikipedia, in compliance with the Wikipedia norms. 

    A Few Words About Us

    Wikipedia Expert is a client-based service, dealing with Wikipedia pages for businesses, organizations, and notable people all in compliance to the Wikipedia submission guidelines.


  • Our History  

    We are elite professionals, providing various services on the internet, one of which is this Wikipedia-expert since 2010. Wikipedia is largely regarded as one of the best information database on the internet. We provide comprehensive research, writing, monitoring and updating of your relevant Wiki page. 


    With a wide portfolio of articles under our belt, we can confidently present to you that we offer strict anonymity and an excellently curated page. Our services represent our dedication and appreciation for creating Wikipedia pages and help provide free knowledge to millions of readers, on daily basis.


    The Best of Our Professional Wikipedia Editor

    Salamuddin Shaikh is a volunteer Wikipedia contributor and a Wikipedia editor. 

    He has been editing Wikipedia since 2012. With the experience of creating hundreds of articles and editing thousands other fully in compliance with Wikipedia policies and Wikipedia terms of service.